Security BSides Transylvania

23 March 2024

Students’ Cultural House


Security BSides

It’s one of the world’s most influential cybersecurity conferences & technology shows, with inspirational speakers, information security professionals, ethical hackers and well-known security experts.

BSides Transylvania is an event for and by information security community members, a part of the BSides community. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. BSides is an open platform that allows security experts and industry professionals to share ideas and insights and develop longstanding relationships with others in the community. It creates opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and participant interaction. It is where conversations for the next Big Thing are happening. It is a rare opportunity to connect and create trusted relationships with key community members directly.

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Event Agenda


Arrival & coffee break


Welcome message (Main Room)


Vulnerability Disclosure Programs: Hack Responsibly

Kimber Dowsett – Private Senior Security Consultant


Coffee Break


Unlocking the Vault: Security Insights into Modern Authentication Protocols

Armend Gashi – Managing Security Consultant at Sentry Cybersecurity


Lunch Break


Adventures in Social Engineering – Tales of a People Hacker

Jenny Radcliffe – A.K.A. “The People Hacker”


Unleash the Mobile Analyst Within: Mastering MMSF, Your All-in-One Mobile Security Toolkit

Ionut Morosan – Associate Manager @KPMG Romania


Coffee Break


From Zero to N: Navigating the Landscape of N-Days

Redon Gashi – Team Lead – Penetration Testing at Sentry Cybersecurity


How to become a pentester professional

Patrick Gorman (Infosec Pat) – CEO and Founder InfoSec Pat


The cyberspace is a jungle: Stealthy OLE Object Weaponization in Word Documents leading to Undetectable C2 Implant

Cristian Cornea – Founder BSides Transylvania | CSTCE | Zerotak Security | SectionX


Closing Speech & CTF Awards


Social drinking – location will be announced during the event


Arrival & coffee break


Welcome message (Main Room)


How to catch hackers 101

SectionX – Threat Intelligence Team


Coffee Break


Cyber Deception: Make Hackers Cry. Collect Their Tears. It makes Great Wine.

John Strand – Owner at Black Hills Information Security


Lunch Break


Smart Contracts Security 101

Vlad Toie – Security Engineer at Zellic


Coffee Break


The Power of Emulator-Based Sandboxes in Threat Intelligence and Response

George Chereches – Solution Engineering Manager

Competition (CTF)

Our jeopardy-style CTF will have plenty of challenges for participants at all skill levels, so whether you’re a seasoned CTF player or a beginner, there will be something for you! CTFs are a great way to learn, and our goal is for you to walk away with some new tools, techniques, and skills.

You’ll need a laptop to participate, and you will be able to participate from anywhere at the conference. Teams can have up to 4 people, or you may compete as an individual. If you like to come prepared, check out the brief guide at


Competition START


Breaks when needed

Plans on your own


Competition END | Processing Results

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What is BSides?

BSides Transylvania is an excellent event for folks in the information security field to learn and network with others.
The event provides a supportive and collaborative environment, with a lot of topics covered: security, hacking, privacy, you name it! In addition to speeches and panels, you have access to hands-on workshops and job opportunities and the chance to win awesome prizes in a capture the flag (CTF) competition.
Plus, it’s an unparalleled chance to network with industry leaders and influencers, from CEOs and CTOs to CISOs, CIOs, managers, and Infosec professionals.

Where can I get tickets for BSides Transylvania 2024?

You can book your ticket from our website. We provide multiple ticketing options for the event: General access, VIP or group passes(+4 persons) or custom packages for teams representing the same company.

Do I need any experience in cybersecurity to join the event?

BSides Transylvania is a conference dedicated to the whole infosec community, regardless of age or experience. You don`t know anything about cybersecurity? BSides events will teach you just what you need to know for a fresh start in this domain.

Should I bring my laptop to the event?

Yes, if you want to participate in the Capture the Flag (CTF) competition event, make sure you bring a laptop, as it is essential, and you won’t be able to participate without it. Also, your laptop can facilitate note-taking and live updates of the conference via social media.

What to expect from BSides Transylvania 2024?

Arrive on time for the event, as showing up earlier may result in setup responsibilities, while arriving later may mean missing out on social interactions. Be prepared to participate actively, with varying levels of involvement depending on the event format, ranging from structured sessions to unconference-style discussions and contributions.

Is Security BSides an event for me?

As you might have already discovered while looking over our agenda, BSides Transylvania is an event addressed to every level of expertise and experience. If you are a student or an entry-level in the cybersecurity area, you can explore the topics teaching you how to become a professional, ethical hacker, or maybe you will leave the conference with a job opportunity; it is up to you. If you are a middle or top manager, you will want your team to be updated with the latest tools that sometimes you can not even find over the internet.
From beginners to advanced, you can explore many opportunities at BSides Transylvania.

How can I meet with some of your speakers?

You can have the opportunity to exchange ideas and create long-lasting partnerships with our speakers during the whole day of the event – go find them in the VIP area.
If you would like to have a more intimate context of the discussion, you can book a VIP ticket, and you will join us for an opening dinner for the conference and a day full of activities the day after the event.

When does BSides Transylvania 2024 take place?

The event will take place on 23 March 2024 at the Students’ Cultural House in Cluj-Napoca, starting at 9:00 AM.

What topics will be discussed at the event?

With a wide range of experts from all around the world, we will cover high-relevance topics in the cybersecurity and information security realm. From advanced techniques of cybersecurity threat prevention to navigating the bug bounty landscape and presentations about the next generation of cyber warfare, we promise an event with intense discussions that will help you expand your perspectives.


Date: 23 Mar 2024

Hour: 09:00 (GMT+02:00)

Students’ Cultural House, Cluj-Napoca

*On-site parking facilities available