Ionut Morosan
Associate Manager @KPMG Romania

Ionut Morosan (@St3v3nss)

Associate Manager @KPMG Romania


With over four years of experience as a certified mobile pen tester, I possess a deep understanding of mobile security vulnerabilities. I’m also the creator of MMSF (Massive Mobile Security Framework), which empowers testers of all levels by streamlining mobile application testing, making it faster and more accessible. When I’m not diving into mobile security, I co-founded a travel video creation company with my girlfriend, showcasing our adventures around the world.


Unleash the Mobile Analyst Within: Mastering MMSF, Your All-in-One Mobile Security Toolkit

This presentation dives into MMSF, a powerful mobile security framework designed to streamline your workflow. MMSF acts as your Swiss Army Knife, integrating various tools and methodologies for in-depth mobile analysis and penetration testing.

Witness firsthand how MMSF simplifies and automates complex tasks, including:
-Bypassing biometrics authentication
-Bypassing Root/Jailbreak Detection and SSL Pinning
-Identifying known vulnerabilities

I will not only showcase MMSF’s capabilities, but also delve into its background and limitations. The presentation concludes with an invitation for the audience to join the MMSF development community and contribute to its ongoing evolution.






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