Redon Gashi
Team Lead - Penetration Testing at Sentry Cybersecurity

Redon Gashi

Team Lead – Penetration Testing at Sentry Cybersecurity


Redon is a senior security consultant with over six years of experience in the security industry. He is currently leading a team of penetration testers and red teamers at Sentry Cybersecurity. Having worked in over two hundred security engagements, he’s had the chance to help secure the systems of the biggest global names in the tech industry.


From Zero to N: Navigating the Landscape of N-Days

In this session, we will dive into the dynamic landscape of N-Day exploits, unraveling the intricacies of discovering, developing, and leveraging these vulnerabilities for offensive purposes. As we navigate through real-world examples, attendees will gain insights into the art and science of crafting effective exploits, understanding their potential impact, and exploiting the window of opportunity before patches are applied. This presentation is tailored for security enthusiasts and penetration testers seeking to deepen their offensive capabilities.






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